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million. >> also, the wii u will be on sale soon with new technology. $300. he gabe slate tech report deval i got by yomy first wireless game pad controller of this is a sneak peek at one of the great tech products. here is the council is flat and larger than the original wii. and a full high- definition graphics, the visual, th g games looked crisp and more shark. and it has a touch screen tablet with more-sharp imagery. a second screen with a touch screen tablet device with a new ways to interact and also a regular controller with a joystick and buttons. you can use this as a hand-held scanning system. if you or near your wii u system. and this could be handy if somebody needs the television but you want to continue playing this game. depending on the controller, you can use this in a different way. you can use the touch screen to shoot and sync and take a look at it if they get larger they could even make them selves smaller onto the hand held. the second screen could be usi a mary many different wa with the super mario brothers using this in a very different- with one person havin
technology for $90 million. sill ind they got a loan from the government, and went bankrupt. taxpayers will recover for little if anything. government lawyers are appealing the ruling. >>> thousands of twi-hards lining up across the country for the midnight showing of the final chapter in the twilight movie series! you're looking at a clip from "breaking down part 2."s expected to make hundreds of -- it is expected to make hundreds of millions of dollars just this weekend. philippe is live. >> reporter: yes, but to be honest, it's just me outside! there's nobody around me. and the box office is quiet. but that's because everyone's inside watching the movie! here in berkeley, the united artist theatre showing breaking down at 10:00 tonight, it's about halfway through right now. the line outside earlier stretching around the building. it was a mostly young crowd with a lot of twilight fans buying their tickets well in advance of showtime. the theatre showing the film on three screen, all sold out. at least 600 tickets were sold tonight. why has the series been so successful? >> i really
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2